One Stop Digital Solution

Sofyx is a holistic solution that connects retailers, brands, distributors and manufacturers across the country. It also enables small retailers through many digital tools to increase their revenue, retain customers, and become more relevant in the smartphone industry. Our approach is to bring one solution that is simple and low cost to enable widespread adoption amongst smartphone general trade retailers.


Brands can leverage Sofyx Platform to quickly build their presence across India and also create their own groups of stakeholders. At the click of a button, Brands can now have very specific and detailed information on each store to align your tactical BTL campaigns. We also help new entrants bring their products to GT channel at the click of a button.


GT retailers are at the heart of Sofyx. Our simple yet hands on modules will change the way you have been doing business. We help you increase footfall, retain customers, build new revenue streams, and streamline your store operations digitally. Not just that we ensure you stay healthy, grow your business, open new stores and strike exclusive deals with brands.


Customers can enjoy an omni channel experience of finding the right product at the best price from the nearest retailer. Sofyx Powered retailers can deliver products within few hours of receiving an order. Not just that, they can get customised offers and financing deals from brands which were so far only available online or through credit cards.